World Nuclear Performance Report 2022 Highlights Increase in Nuclear Generation with Improved Performance

WORLD NUCLEAR ASSOCIATION | July 26, 2022 The 2022 edition of the World Nuclear Performance Report, published today, reviews the global nuclear industry’s record in the supply of electricity from operating reactors and progress with construction of new reactors. Nuclear generation increasing by 100 TWh to reach 2653 TWh in 2021, meeting 10% of the world’s electricity…
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inTechBrew Announce Joint Blue Wave AI Labs and Digital SIG Nuclear Institute Webinar – AI for Nuclear Reactors

Axel Canbakan | inTechBrew | | July 28, 2022 AI for Nuclear Power Reactors? Back in 2021, we wrote an insight on Artificial Intelligence applied to the nuclear industry. One year later, we found the company perfectly representing AI in nuclear: Blue Wave AI Labs Leveraging their AI-enabled predictive platform, they have been successfully supporting US nuclear operators in optimising…
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Studsvik Scandpower and Blue Wave AI Labs Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver Next Generation Accuracy to Nuclear Power Analytics

Studsvik Scandpower, Inc.  | July 27, 2022 Wilmington, NC – Studsvik Scandpower, Inc. is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Blue Wave AI Labs to deliver enhanced diagnostic and predictive capabilities to nuclear energy facilities around the globe. The partnership will create a growing product line for Studsvik Scandpower: Studsvik AI, Powered by Blue Wave…
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Gamenbreaker AI Effort Gets Under Way

Pentagon’s research agency DARPA has selected nine teams for the Gamebreaker artificial intelligence (AI) exploration program which seeks to develop and apply AI to existing open-world video games and see how lessons learned could help the US Armed Forces.

Holtec Strives to Make Nuclear Innovation Look Simple With SMR-160

Holtec’s SMR-160 Reactor Coolant System Has No Pumps or Valves ROBBIE HAYUNGA | CONTENT MANAGER | March 16, 2021 To reach our ambitious climate goals, we will need new ideas and approaches to reduce carbon emissions—and some energy innovations that haven’t been built yet. Holtec International, a major supplier for the nuclear industry, is branching out to meet…
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With Hermes, Kairos Power Offers a New, Timely Path for Advanced Reactors

MATT WALD | SENIOR COMMUNICATIONS ADVISOR | March 5, 2021 Innovation is key to reducing carbon emissions—climate activists, energy experts and the Biden administration agree. Progress in nuclear innovation over the past year has established a pipeline of advanced reactor technologies that are set to become available in the late 2020s or early 2030s, with an array…
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Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant May Stay Open to Ensure Electrical Reliability in California

Times of San Diego | April 30, 2022 California is open to keeping its last remaining nuclear power plant running to maintain electric reliability as it transitions away from fossil fuels, a spokesperson for Governor Gavin Newsom said on Friday. The statement marked an about-face for the state, which has been planning for years to replace Diablo…
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A First for Canada: New Type of Nuclear Plant Opening by 2028

Isabella O’Malley, M.Env.Sc | The Weather Network | April 30th, 2022 Nuclear energy is one of the more divisive carbon-free energies due to historic disasters and the disproportionate impacts that nuclear waste has had on marginalized communities. What’s clear is the confidence that many nations have in improving the safety of this energy, and experts say a major growth…
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Purdue and Duke Energy to Explore Potential for Clean Nuclear Power Source for Campus

Duke Energy | April 27, 2022 WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Purdue University and Duke Energy announced today (April 27) that they plan to jointly explore the feasibility of using advanced nuclear energy to meet the campus community’s long-term energy needs. With interest rising worldwide in new technologies that are reliable and carbon-free, Purdue and Duke Energy intend…
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