AI-enabled predictive platforms we’re able to identify and solve complex and chaotic problems. 

The nuclear power industry must find innovative ways to become more cost-effective.  

Regular inspection of nuclear power plant components is important to guarantee efficient and safe operations.
  Up to now, the lifespan of a component is mostly estimated through a statistical average, and current practices are time-consuming, tedious, and subjective—and unexpected failures cost a lot of time and money.

If nuclear energy wants to compete as a cost-effective, clean energy source, innovative approaches that simulate and monitor the behavior of nuclear reactors are now more crucial than ever.  AI and Machine Learning methods are utilized to review past and real-time data to create fast-running models that will analyze data sets, predict and prevent catastrophic operational delays, and drive better protocols for regulation compliance, efficiency, and safety

With AI and Machine Learning solutions, you can reduce costs by accurately predicting component failures, MCO projections, and Eigenvalue projections for hot k-effective.

Blue Wave’s solutions are more reactive than current methods and require less human interaction, which leads to improved efficiencies, a lower risk of incident or accidents, and mitigates potential risks to the environment. helps with the following:

Predict when components will fail (RUL/EOL)
Monitor and manage MCO
Project Eigenvalue for hot k-effective
Devise and examine alternate fuel loading plans
Assess other critical systems

We employ pioneering novel AI technologies to identify, characterize, and solve problems within the nuclear energy industry, combing the insight of exceptional scientific technical talent with the ltest advances in AI and Machine Learning to transform data into solutions for the world’s most difficult problems.

As of 2021, over half of the Boiling Water Reactors (BWRs) in the United States domestic fleet have integrated our products and services within their reload core design and cycle management processes. >

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visibility into Mositure Carryover with is Clean Energy tool that yields real-world, high-value results via Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ml).  Its predictions enable visibility into mositure carryover, reduce exposure risk, ensure long-term viability of key plant assets, enhance core efficiency, and reduce fuel costs.


fundamental parameters, reduce reload fuel costs, and monitor fuel cycle energy requirements with is a state-of-the-art tool that yields real-world, high value results via Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ml).  This prediction platform for eigenvalue in BWRs enables powerful predictive capability of one of the most funddamental parameters in Nuclear Engineering, reduces reload fuel costs, and ensures fuel cycle energy requirements are met.

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design and functions combined together will be launched soon.  You can become more efficient and reduce unexpected downtime with our AI and machine learning capabilities.


Built with the device agnostic user in mind, and to reduce the friction of the Internet. It just works. Any device. Anywhere.

SUPER FEATURES is a robust state-of-the-art cloud application for the nuclear power industry that provides unparalleled accuracy for MCO & eigenvalue forecasting in both reload core design and cycle management engineering applications.


More intuitive and more speed. can upload, generate, and filter data, reports, and projections effortlessly and seamlessly. Resulting in more productivity and efficiency.

We use your data and our expertise to improve plant efficiency, performance, and safety.