Why We Should Listen to Bill Gates on Nuclear Energy

KELLY MCPHARLIN | | February 4, 2019 As the founder of one of the world’s most recognized and successful companies, Bill Gates receives a lot of attention for what he says and does. When Bill Gates talks, people listen. And today, Bill Gates is talking about nuclear energy. In his 2018 year-in-review blog post, Gates said: “Nuclear is ideal for dealing…
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Swipe Right for Nuclear: An Introduction to 6 Advanced Nuclear Technologies

Office of Nuclear Energy | February 12, 2019 | Updated: 2/14/2022 So … it’s been a while since nuclear has put itself out there. Let’s be honest, nuclear doesn’t have a lot of time to worry about its appearance. It pretty much works around the clock with a capacity factor north of 90%. And while it’s helped power our…
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By Matt Fisher | INL Communications & Outreach | Published on Jan. 31, 2022 Machinists at INL’s Materials and Fuels Complex (MFC) have successfully fabricated a full-scale, electrically heated prototype for the Department of Energy’s Microreactor Applications Research Validation and Evaluation (MARVEL) project in just nine months.   So, what are microreactors? Broadly speaking, they’re similar to the nearly 450 nuclear power reactors currently in operation around the globe. They use nuclear fission to power electricity-generating…
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Accelerating SMR Deployment: New IAEA Initiative on Regulatory and Industrial Harmonization

Jeffrey Donovan | IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy Paula Calle Vives | IAEA Department of Nuclear Safety and Security April 1, 2022 The IAEA has launched a new initiative bringing together policy makers, regulators, designers, vendors and operators to develop common regulatory and industrial approaches to SMRs. Small modular reactors (SMRs) could make an important contribution to achieving global…
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US / Nuclear Nominee Plans To Preserve Existing Fleet, Deploy Advanced Reactor Technologies

By David Dalton | 22 March 2022 Kathryn Huff told a Senate energy and natural resources committee hearing that if she is confirmed to head the Department of Energy’s office of nuclear energy she will prioritise activities to preserve the existing fleet of nuclear power plants, deploy advanced reactor technologies, manage spent nuclear fuel and work with…
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NUCLEAR 101: How Does a Nuclear Reactor Work?

Office of Nuclear Energy | 03/29/2021  Nuclear reactors are the heart of a nuclear power plant. They contain and control nuclear chain reactions that produce heat through a physical process called fission. That heat is used to make steam that spins a turbine to create electricity. With more than 440 commercial reactors worldwide, including 94 in the United States, nuclear…
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3 States with Shuttered Nuclear Plants See Emissions Rise

By Benjamin Storrow | 02/17/2022 07:03 AM EST New York passed a law in 2019 requiring the state to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants by 2040. But over the last two years, the exact opposite has happened: CO2 from power plants has climbed nearly 15 percent, according to EPA data. New York’s experience is hardly…
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Blue Wave AI Labs and Constellation Strike Long-Term Strategic Agreement for Nuclear AI Tool Suite

Blue Wave will help Constellation reduce nuclear operating and fuel costs far into the future

Blue Wave AI Labs Receives TIP Award at NEI Conference

The Nuclear Energy Institute recognized Blue Wave AI Labs with a TIP award for “Moisture Carryover (MCO) Predictions through Neural Networks.”